Greek-Turkish Relations
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What are Karamanlis and Samaras trying to prevent and warning Mitsotakis about Turkey and moving to the right of the Greeks?

The "cannon" and the crude intervention of former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and recently of K.Kramanlis in the government and personally in Kyriakos Mitsotakis, create a scene of tension within the government, in view of a series of issues in society and the arrival of Sultan Erdogan, who after having eaten everywhere "door", comes to Athens to make a show of force.  

The most important message of Antonis Samaras in his interview with Kathimerini on Sunday, was the invocation of the "voice of conscience" of the right wing of the Southwest.

"But since SYRIZA crashed and disintegrated, the voters have signaled that society is moving to the right," he said.

Wilders' victory in the Netherlands, the rapid rise of the AFD in Germany, Marie Le Pen's second place in the French political scene, and the rise of nationalists in Europe in general, is something the government should not turn a blind eye to.

This was the essence of the first part of Samaras' warning to Mitsotakis.

The second part begins with Erdogan's visit to Greece.

Costas Karamanlis had stated just a month ago: "Allies and partners are mistaken, or worse, knowingly pretend when, in the name of keeping Turkey in the Western camp, they give in to its demands. Especially when this takes the form of recommendations and pressure on Greece and Cyprus to submit to its demands. Even worse, when it comes to EU members, since with this attitude they are in brutal violation of international law, the European acquis and the principle of solidarity between EU members.


Fallacies and illusions in national matters are neither allowed nor condoned. To Turkey and to those who favour a compromise package solution on all the issues that Turkey has unilaterally raised, clear explanations and determination are the only and only answer".

Now Samaras took the baton and after calling Erdogan's visit a "bad idea", because always after a meeting with him, and the refusal of the Greek side to unreasonable demands, we have a period of tension.
Churchill's ruse to Lord Halifax about Adolf then is as timely as ever for Greece.

'You cannot negotiate with a tiger in whose mouth is your head', Churchill said in 1940, which is as relevant today in the Aegean as ever.    

The law is that relations with Turkey are inviolable at a low level of government officials to resolve current day-to-day issues, but that's about it.

With the illegal Turkish-Cypriot memorandum open and in force, the now official doctrine of the non-existent "Blue Homeland", the demand for two states in Cyprus, and the migrant flows to Greece, as well as the "Turkish minority" in Western Thrace, what exactly will the two leaders discuss on December 7, 2023?     

According to history, the Turks never retreat diplomatically, except after a military defeat, they lie relentlessly, and what they sign or promise, for the most part, never materialize, like the MOU in 2001.

Samaras said he did not vote for same-sex marriage and stressed that any rights issues have been resolved by the civil partnership agreement.

What the two former prime ministers fear for the government

Information and rumours in the Greek press state that our country "will indirectly recognise the presence of a Turkish minority in Western Thrace, through secret processes and moves".

We do not want to believe that we will fall into the trap of "giving something to the ruthless Erdogan regime, and to Turkey in general, something for which we have paid rivers of blood in Asia Minor, but also pogroms in 1955 and 1965.

Do the Turks feel and believe that they are Neo-Ottomans, ready to rule from Bosnia to Libya, and from Moldova to Mosul, Thessaloniki and Jerusalem, and will they ask for equal rights with the Greeks?

The policy of our country is determined by its political leadership, except that it must listen to the Greek citizens very well and be in harmony with them.

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