Greek-Turkish Relations
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The visit in Athens is Erdogan's last chance - Fidan is threatening Israel with military intervention

After Erdogan failed miserably in his plans to acquire Eurofighter fighters from Germany, insulting its political leadership in a live broadcast for its stance on Gaza, recalling the holocaust of the Jews, he is now preparing to come to Athens with the slogan "let's work it out without third parties".

The aim of the Turkish president and his huge entourage that will accompany him will be to put on the table for good issues that are red lines for Greece, in a new peculiar blackmail to achieve the neo-Ottoman expansionist plan of this country.

Sultan Erdoğan has created enmity with everyone in our region and in Europe and America, and only with our country for the time being he is showing a positive attitude, something that should certainly be of concern to us, since the Turks have three permanent characteristics:

Α. They never concede anything except at gunpoint.

Β. They only ever give up with only one weapon.

Γ. They are always ready to demand more from the other side by constantly blackmailing.

Proof of this is the timeless threats not only to Greece, but to Israel, Cyprus, the EU and even the US.
Even before the Turkish President set foot in the Greek capital two of his Officials showed us his intentions:

The head of the Turkish Navy has disputed 23 Greek islands, while retired Admiral Cihat Yatsi is talking about an EEZ in the middle of the Aegean Sea.   

Admiral Cihat Yachi: "So far, our criticism has been that ( the Greeks) will declare exclusive economic zones in a way that they do not recognize any law on their own, and make agreements that will violate not only Turkey's rights, but 98 percent of them, encroaching on Turkey's rights and maritime areas."

Yachi believes there is a plan for Israel-Lekosia to take over the occupied territories in Cyprus

"Israel is resorting to acquiring land and property through people connected to Israel in Northern Cyprus.

Specifically, it is reported to have acquired about a thousand acres of land, five kilometers away from the village of Pigi Peristerona, where Turkish UAVs will be deployed at the Lefkoniko Air Base.

Israel is also buying land and property in Northern Cyprus through British, Greek and local companies, aiming to overcome legal restrictions in this way, and is focusing on the area where the Turkish naval base will be established in the Trikomo area and the lands around the military security zones.

Israel's strategic objectives include targeting arable land. Israel, which aims to affect the food security of the TRNC, is also trying to take the lands from the Turks and transfer them to the Greeks in a similar way to the Palestinians. These purchases by Israel pose a serious threat to the sovereignty, security and development of Northern Cyprus.


Since 2003, Israel has purchased about 25 thousand tens of acres of land in Northern Cyprus through almost 2 thousand companies, thus, control through land is passing into foreign hands. In a very striking way, the most productive arable land in Northern Cyprus is being taken over, which will find itself unable to feed itself," it says, among other things.

In other words, he is creating a narrative for Cyprus, which we will possibly see before our eyes in the coming period, aimed at the free areas of the Republic of Cyprus.

This is clearly a Turkish government project.

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan warned in an interview: "We are now resorting to diplomatic means to break the siege in Gaza but if these methods do not work, there are other ways," implicitly threatening Israel with military action.

The Turks do whatever they want, threatening whoever they want and no one puts them in their place, from which, as it seems, they are out and will not return, except by military action, while next to them in the Mediterranean there is a huge armada of NATO ready for anything.

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