Greek-Turkish Relations
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Erdogan boasts that no one can "move" without Turkey's permission and the Turkish press propagates the range of the new Bayraktar

Erdogan points out that no one can "move" in the region without Turkey, his son-in-law advertises the upgraded version of the Bayraktar TB3 UCAV drone, and the Turkish defense press propagandizes that its range, if it is detached from the Turkish mini-carrier Anadolu when it is east of Kastelorizo, will cover almost the entire Greek territory...

In his speech after the cabinet meeting Erdogan boasted that nothing can be realized without Turkey in the region and that sooner or later all of Ankara's opponents either demand its participation or are defeated:

"The fact is that no project in our geography, near or far, can be implemented without Turkey and even if it is tried, it cannot succeed. As a result, all those who made these experiments had to come to the end of the day and ask for Turkey's cooperation, Turkey's alliance and Turkey's support.

Remember, the saying "geography is destiny" does not only apply to us. Because the geography where Turkey is located is the destiny of the whole region and the world along with us. Regardless of who sets up any game, we, as a nation submitting to the will of our Lord, continue on our way, disrupting the struggles and we will continue. Those who are friendly to Turkey win, those who are hostile to Turkey lose. We are looking for a way to increase the number of our friends. For this reason, we are pursuing a policy based on peace, dialogue, winning together, equality, justice, morality and humanity, starting from our immediate surroundings and around the world. Although we sometimes have to pay the price for this, Turkey has always been the winner in the medium and long term, and Turkey will continue to be the winner. As long as we, as a nation and a state, continue to take a stand in accordance with our history, culture and values."

Erdogan's son-in-law and president of the Bayraktar company, which manufactures Turkey's drones, Seljuk Bayraktar, announced the first flight of the Bayraktar TB3 unmanned armed aircraft.

Seljuk Bayraktar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TEKNOFEST and the Board of Directors of the T3 Foundation, said that the Bayraktar TB3, which is planned to be the first UAV to be deployed on short-range vessels in the world, is preparing for its first flight and said: "it will be the first to land and take off from the ship. Turkey, the United States and Israel, let's see who will be the first to do it."

Pointing out the importance of the Kızılelma unmanned combat aircraft, Bayraktar said:

"It is one of the few examples in the world. Right now we are continuing to develop it. Hopefully it will be available for use in our country in 2024. There is a great demand from the world. Bayraktar TB2 has been exported to 32 countries so far. It ensured that more than 82 percent of Baykar's total income came from exports in 20 years. We built it with our own resources without receiving a single penny of grant or support."

Baykar pointed out that UCAVs were very successful in Azerbaijan and said, "Turkish armies achieved victory with our UCAVs for the first time in the world. Thanks to the Bayraktar TB2, air defense weapons and tanks were destroyed. The Kızılelma and AKINCI will be able to carry much more advanced ammunition and very different systems, which we call payloads.

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