Greek-Turkish Relations
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Raytheon's American and Greek meeting for the acquisition of AIM-9X Blk II and BlkII+ missiles for the Greek F-35

The Turks are upset with the meeting of representatives of the American company Raytheon for the acquisition of AIM-9X Blk II and BlkII+ missiles, intended for the Greek F-35, with which Athens "covers" the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, referring to Turkish media.

After the preliminary agreement between Greece and the US for the purchase of F-35 fighter jets, an impending agreement for the purchase of armaments took place in Athens.

This is the preliminary meeting with the participation of senior officers of the Greek Air Force, with representatives of the "Raytheon" company, led by Todd Spiester for the missiles (AIM-9X data and properties) and a representative of the US Navy M. Goska.

The purpose of the meeting was to promote the AIM-9X Blk II and BlkII+ air-to-air missiles on behalf of the company, as well as launch capabilities from the NASAMS system.

Raytheon's Sidewinder missile is an air-to-air missile that equips the F-15, F-18 Super Hornet and other fighter jets to support a variety of missions.

AIM-9X missiles with fifth-generation “Block II/II+” technology can lock on to the enemy target after launch using data communication through the F-35's Data Link system.

The Turks are preparing the installation of Siper A/A missiles in Marmaris targeting the Greek Rafale-F-35
We remind you according to an article that the Turkish Air Force recently announced a tender for upgrading the facilities of the former 5th NIKE Guided Missile Squadron of the Aksaz Naval Station, across from Rhodes in the Mugla region.

The location is on a mountain between Marmaris Aksaz Naval Station to cover a very large area, to Dalaman military airfield.

It is about preparing to install anti-aircraft systems for Siper missiles with (according to the Turks always) a range of 150 km in place of the outdated NIKI missiles, although we do not know if these missiles are officially operational.

The long-range SIPER missile is claimed by the Turks to have a range of 150 kilometers, making it an alternative to the S-400 and Patriot.

The F-35 will be a "nuclear weapon" in the hands of the Greek Pilots while it will also function as an aerial headquarters covering the Aegean and part of the Southern Mediterranean and this is exactly what the Turkish side fears.

The F-35 is the future of the Air Force and this has been pointed out for years by experienced pilots and experts. There is a failure to understand that the F-35 is unlike any fighter ever built.

It is a sensor/network hub with wings and weapons. With its advanced avionics, sophisticated networking technologies, and ability to fuse sensor data from multiple sources, the F-35 can act as a "fourth" for complex air operations and even combat operations involving ground and naval units.

Additionally, unlike fourth-generation platforms that often need to be reconfigured with "bolt-on" capabilities to perform specific missions, the F-35 comes as a complete package, with sensors, computers, weapons and electronic warfare all part of an integrated whole. . This not only simplifies mission planning, but allows the JSF to rotate between air-to-air, air-to-ground and reconnaissance missions as the tactical situation dictates.

In multiple Air Force exercises, the F-35 has consistently demonstrated its unmatched performance in both air-to-air and air-to-ground operations.

The acquisition of 18-24 F-35 fighter jets by Greece will completely change the current reality, at the same time changing the balance with Turkey in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, to a huge extent.

Foreign think tanks believe that in the next decade Greece will exploit the hydrocarbon deposits both in the Ionian Sea and in the south of Crete, which will bring the country many billions of euros, which can be seen from the current crazy rally in natural gas prices , which automatically makes the fields of the Eastern Mediterranean a "bone of contention" for many players young and old.

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