Greek-Turkish Relations
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Greece-Turkey talks for the eyes of the US - The Turkish deep state talks about 152 Greek islands under dispute via Yaycı

The well-known retired Admiral T. Yaycı, a right-hand man of the Erdogan regime and a Eurasianist, considers as a mistake the perception in Turkey that "there is normalization of relations with Greece.

The reasons for the breakdown of the talks for him are as follows:

1. Without Greece accepting that there are 152 islands (EGAYDAAK) without status in the Aegean Sea (Sea of Islands he mentions). 

2. Without withdrawal of arms and Greek soldiers on the neutral islands

3. Without pledging not to demand an increase in territorial waters in the Sea of Islands

4. Without Athens giving up its 10 miles of airspace, we cannot sit at the negotiating table with Greece!"

The Turks insist and have compiled a list of at least 150 disputed islands.

It is the so-called EGAYDAAK, which includes more than 20 formations belonging to the Fourni complex. It is the acronym for the phrase 'Egemenligi Anlasmalarla Yunanistan'a Devredilmemis Ada Adacikve Kayalıklar', meaning 'islands, islets and rocky islets whose ownership has not been ceded to Greece by international agreements and treaties'.

Turkey claims that in the Treaty of Lausanne (1923), which ratified Greek sovereignty over the islands of the eastern Aegean, which had been liberated during the First Balkan War (1912-1913), as well as in the Treaty of Paris Peace Treaty (1947), by which the defeated Italy ceded to Greece the sovereignty of the Dodecanese, there are islands, islets and rocky islets with disputed status since they are not mentioned by name in these treaties.

The Turkish list for the Aegean Sea that shows the extent of their insolence

1) Zourafas complex: Zourafa islet, Zourafa islet 1, Zourafa islet 2.
2) Oinousses complex: Oinousses, rock island north of Oinousses, Vatos, island west of Vatos, Mouse Island, Mandraki, Archontonissos, Gavathi, Pasas, island west of Pasas, Prasonisi, rock island N.W.. From Prasonisi, islet south from Prasonisi, islet no. 1 opposite Oenoussi, islet no. 2 opposite Oenoussi, islet SW from Pontikonisi, islet no. 1 south from Oenoussi, islet south from Oenoussi.


3) Kalogeri islets.
4) Antipsaras and Venetiko complex: Antipsaras islet and 26 small rocky islets, islet south of Antipsaras and 4 rocky islets, Koutsoulia islet and 6 rocky islets, Venetiko islet and 2 rocky islets.


5) Fournoi island complex: Fournoi, Diapori, Agios Minas, islet south of Agios Minas, rocky islet south of Agios Minas, Makronissi, Plaka, Plaka, Strogkilo, Megalos Anthropophagos, Mikro Anthropophagos, Limenopetra, Thymanaki, Thymena, island no. 1 north of Thymena, island no. 2 north of Thymena, Alatonissi, Petrokaravo island B. W. from Thymena and one rock island, Karnisteri (Fournoi island complex), Agridio, Anidro, rock island Petrokaravos 1, rock island Petrokaravos 2, rock island Petrokaravos


6) Arki island complex: Arki, Kalovolos, Agreloussa, Avathsitos, Makronissi, rock islet S.E. of Makronissi, Zuka islet 1, Zuka islet 2, Smineronissi, Psathonissi, islet west of Kalovolos, Stroggyli, Marathos, Spolatos, Komaros.

7) Agathonissi island complex: Agathonisi, Nera, Strogvilo, Glaros, Psathonisi, Rabbit, Prassos, island S.W. of Prassos, Kazagani rock island west of Agathonisi, rock island S.W. of Agathonisi, rock island north of Agathonisi.

8) Farmaconisi island complex: Marathonisi, islet west of Pharmakonisi, Pserimos, rock islet Vasiliki, islet SW of Pserimos, Plati, rock islet no. 1 south of Plati, rock islet no. 2 south of Plati, rock islet Nekrotopikes, Pita, Megali Imia, Mikro Imia, Kalolimnos, Prassos, Lydia.

9) Island complex of the north-eastern part of Nisyros: Pergousa, 4 rocky islets around Pergousa, Stroggyli, Glass 3 rocky islets around Glass, rocky islets around Glass, Pachia, Kandeliusa, Agios Antonios.

10) Levitha and Keenaros island complex: Levitha, islet north of Levitha, islet south of Levitha, Keenaros, rocky islet west of Keenaros, Black, islet east of Black, Glaros.

11) Island complex of South East. Astypalea: Sirna, rock island Sirna 1, rock island Sirna 2, rock island Sirna 3, Big Brother, Little Brother, rock island west of Little Brother, Stefania, Plakida; rock island 1 west of Plakida, rock island 2 west of Plakida, Giannis, Mesonisi.

12) Northwestern Karpathos island complex: Egg, rock islet 1 west of Egg, rock islet 2 west of Egg, Kamelonisi, Megalo Sofrano, Mikro Sofrano, 2 rock islets south of Mikro Sofrano, Sochas, Karavonisia, island south of Karavonisia, Astaxida Astacidopoulo, island and rock islet north of Astaxidopoulo, island B. A. from Astakidopoulos, Unyanisia, islet west of Unyanisia.


13) Cretan Pelagos island complex: Avgonisi, Dias, two rocky islets near Dias, Petalidi, Paximadi, Dionysades, rocky islet north of Dionysades, Dragonada, Prasonisi, Paximada.

As recently as June 2021, our well-known Turkish Admiral (retired) Cihat Yaycı, who influences Turkey's foreign policy, had stated: Biden had stated: "I want to see the establishment of an independent Kurdish state." I would like to see a "independent independent state".

"I want to see a united front. A 'Greek Orthodox Vatican' in Istanbul. They say it openly. It is a project that disturbs the unity and integrity of Turkey. At the same time, Turkey must diversify its weapons systems. We should not buy weapons from the West."

All this is happening while the scene is once again beginning to smell of "gunpowder" on the Libya and Cyprus issue, bringing many "hot" events to the forefront, which once no one thought could happen.

But Turkey, for the western power system, has 'grown too big' and demands large areas to rule over, which are outside the existing Turkish borders and this will not be allowed to pass without repercussions by the westerners, no matter what they declare in front of the
cameras or in their announcements.

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