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Armenia is moving towards NATO/USA, moving away from Russia - Comparison with Greece's conflict with Turkey

Following Moscow's conduct in the Azeri war against the Armenians and the subsequent incidents of invasion of Armenian territory, Yerevan cut off its military relations with Russia, and gradually moved towards NATO/USA.

The Armenians have ( unfortunately for them) based their entire defense system on defense relations with Russia, which in obedience to its own huge interests ignored Yerevan, and intervened in Nagorno/Karabakh for example only when Russian interests were at stake.

As for the attack on the Lachin corridor and the many border incidents, Moscow, both before and after the war in Ukraine, did nothing to safeguard the territorial integrity of Armenia, which it had signed up to a defence agreement.    

Armenia will host the Eagle Partner 2023 joint Armenia-U.S. military exercise from September 11 to 20, the Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday.

The exercise includes stabilization work between the warring parties during peacekeeping missions.

This shows the gradual shift of Armenians towards the West, and their turning away from Russia, which has good relations with Turkey ( which is sending weapons to the Azeris again), while maintaining a complimentary attitude with Baku.

Comparison with Greece's conflict with Turkey

The lesson of the unhappy Armenian friends is also a huge lesson for Greece, which is in a conflict with Turkey, especially after 2020, and relies on both the US and the EU.

The war and the general situation on Armenian soil rings bells that no one is going to fight for us in any war scenario with the Neo-Ottoman Turks.

In fact, it warns us that our country's defense and our response to any hostile aggressive action by our neighbors should be twice as strong as that of the aggressor, who may try to occupy Greek territory, and then "negotiate".

This must be avoided at all costs, which is why our reaction to any such Turkish plans should be aimed at major cities, such as Istanbul, while the islands of Imvros and Tenedos (which are Greek historical islands) should also be directly targeted.

Also, the Greek side should not rely one-sidedly on our allies across the Atlantic, nor those in Brussels one-dimensionally, but should seek strong military relations with Mediterranean and other countries, which could supply us with weapons systems capable of strategic strikes ( France-Israel-India).

A possible war with the Turks will not obey alliances and treaties, and will be terribly savage, so we must be prepared on all sides, to strike at the very beginning, so that we do not again have unforgotten territories in the Aegean and the Mediterranean ( Cyprus).

The Turks see that Western societies are not in the mood for warlike actions, so they are constantly escalating at various points, measuring reflexes and reactions.

After Iraq, Syria, Libya, Cyprus and the Aegean will take their turn, since they hear the international law and peace talk with a vengeance there in Ankara.

We hope that the lesson of the Armenians has taught us a good lesson and that we should do what we have known for centuries in the best possible conditions.                

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