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Our Thrace at the mercy of Ankara! "Rhodope is in a state of terror from the Turkish Consulate"-"They are blackmailing MPs and the minority" (Audio)

"Rhodope is in a state of terror from the Turkish Consulate", says the journalist from Rhodope, Mr. Damon Damianos, in the morning show of MAXIMUM FM 93.6 and Dimitris Kolios.

This journalist also made a post on his personal Facebook account, stressing that "democracy in Thrace cannot be blackmailed".

As he says: 

"Democracy in Thrace cannot be blackmailed, it must and must win! At the "Chilia" festival of the mountain of Kekhros on Sunday, August 6, an attempt was made to blackmail the MP of Rodopi Ilhan Ahmet to leave the protocol on the grounds that otherwise the Turkish vice-consul and the "elected mufti" would leave, which they did temporarily, when the MP, honoring the Parliament and the Greek Republic, remained in his place.

How can ordinary citizens of the minority endure the blackmail and threats when they dare to blackmail and threaten an MP who was elected for the 5th time just a month ago to represent the people of Rhodope?

In other news, Eleni Laftsi of SYRIZA is referred to her party's disciplinary committee for denouncing the consulate's obvious and self-evident involvement in the Rhodope elections. Shame - shame - shame".

Listen to what the Rhodope journalist says in his incredible denunciation of the Turkish consulate's activity that blatantly violates international law and minority rights:

It is also noted that Koumoundourou decided to refer Eleni Laftsi to the Disciplinary Board, focusing on her comments on social networks for the prefecture of Rodopi, during the recent national elections.

According to information cited yesterday by "Proto Thema", a three-member team of the Ethics Committee of SYRIZA PS, following the prescribed procedure, collected all the previous time the relevant data that is expected to be examined on Thursday evening the plenary of the disciplinary body, in order to decide, reportedly, the final deletion or suspension of the party membership.

It will be recalled that Laftsi denounced "interference crude and obscene!" on the part of the Turkish consulate in the last national elections in the prefecture, "congratulating" those who "contributed to the effort of the Erdogan state to elect their alleged leftist crony as a deputy in Rhodope", "pointing" to the side of the elected MP of SYRIZA in the prefecture, Ferhat Ozgur.

What was publicly posted on her personal Facebook account by Mrs.Laftsis, a member of SYRIZA in the prefecture and head of the municipal faction in the municipality of Komotini "POLITIKI Anatropi", which is close to the opposition, caused, however, the strong reaction of the party, resulting in being held accountable before the disciplinary body. In addition to the "shots" against the newly elected MP, in the decision of Koumoundourou weighed, reportedly, and posts on social media for other party officials in the prefecture, resulting in "jeopardizing" the broader policy of the party in the region. In addition, Laftsi is the wife of former MP in the prefecture, Takis Haritou, who was a candidate in the last national elections.

It is recalled that Mrs Laftsi had commented on SYRIZA's victory in the prefecture of Rodopi as an "assisted election", scolding those who "try to pass on to public opinion this intervention of Turkey as a victory of a leftist area".

In detail, the post of Ms. Laftsi: "Congratulations to the Turkish consulate that once again managed to intervene in political affairs in Rhodope! Congratulations also to those who contributed to the effort of the Erdogan state to elect their alleged leftist crony as a deputy in Rhodope. Congratulations also to those who are trying to pass this intervention by Turkey as a victory for a leftist space in public opinion. I'm going to make you sad, but this assisted election is not a left-wing election either.

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