Greek-Turkish Relations
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In the world's top one hundred war industries are four Turkish and no Greek...

In Athens we have been focusing lately on the difficulties Turkey is facing in its arms plans vis-à-vis the US, as the arms embargo has significantly delayed the issue of even the F-16s that Ankara wants.

This situation pleases many in Greece who unfortunately do not see the bigger picture. The fact that while in our country the defence industries are still essentially in their early stages, in neighbouring Turkey their level is such that it ranks among the best, unfortunately for us, in the world

As the Turkish press points out with glee: "The number of Turkish companies in the "Defense News Top 100" list has risen to four.

The American magazine "Defense News" has published the list of the top 100 defense companies in the world for 2023 based on defense sales.

The number of Turkish defense industry companies on the list increased to four from three in 2022.

The Military Electronics Industry (ASELSAN), which was ranked 49th last year, was ranked 47th this year and is still the top Turkish company by turnover.

Turkish Aerospace Industry S.A. (TUSAŞ) which was ranked 67th last year, has moved up to 58th this year.

ROKETSAN which last year was in 86th place, this year is in 80th place on the list.

The Management of Military Factories and Shipyards SA (ASFAT) was on the Defense News Top 100 list for the first time and ranked 100th."

The tragedy for a country like Greece, which is certainly not short of brains, is that there is not even half a... Greek company on the same list...

Meanwhile the drones and armed drones that are the pride of the Turkish defense industry are the subject of the press in the United States of America.

The American magazine Business Insider investigated the growing interest of Gulf countries in Turkish drones and published a remarkable analysis of the rise of the Bayraktar TB2.

The report states that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are interested in Turkish-made manned aircraft and armed drones.

It is noted that Turkey has increased trade in defense products with its Middle Eastern neighbors.

It will be recalled that a record deal was signed during President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to the Saudi capital Riyadh in July.

Previously, the Gulf countries were using Chinese-made drones, the analysis said, highlighting that the rapid rise of the Bayraktar TB2 has overshadowed Chinese drones.

Gulf countries have quickly become the biggest buyers of Turkish drones in just a few years, the Business Insider report notes.

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