Greek-Turkish Relations
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The Aegean is being threatened! Turkish DIRCM countermeasure systems for the protection of Air-Naval Platforms - This is how the Αir Force will destroy them

In a potential military confrontation between us and Turkey, the weapon systems that will be used and their effectiveness on the battlefield will play a decisive role in its outcome.

The effectiveness of a weapon system is composed of various parameters, such as the training of the operator, its technical characteristics, but also the possibilities of effective reaction of the enemy target, part of which are its countermeasures.

Based on the effectiveness or not of the countermeasures of the enemy's weapons systems on the battlefield, in shaping the outcome of a Greek-Turkish conflict and bearing in mind that in its initial stages in the Aegean a military confrontation with Turkey will primarily be an aeronautical one confrontation between the two states, we then quote information from a reliable Turkish source, regarding the "characteristics of the YILDIRIM-100 Directed Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) system, developed by ASELSAN, for the defense of aerial platforms against guided infrared missiles".

The features of ASELSAN YILDIRIM-100 DIRCM

"The YILDIRIM-100 will have a dual-turret configuration and each turret, thanks to its precision tracking unit and laser unit capable of producing high-power lasers, will apply a synchronized, multi-band guided 'laser beacon', against heat-seeking missiles .

The system will also include a control unit that manages the DIRCM system and communicates with the missile warning system.

The YILDIRIM-100 is expected to be used on helicopters and other aviation platforms.



ASELSAN is also developing the YILDIRIM-300, the superior version of the YILDIRIM-100, for the KAAN fighter jet.

With the YILDIRIM series DIRCM systems, the countermeasures capabilities of aerial platforms will be brought to the fore. Currently, the number of countries that can produce DIRCM and use it on their platforms is quite limited.

With the completion of the YILDIRIM-300, developed for the KAAN combat aircraft, the KAAN will become the second 5th generation combat aircraft in the world, after the Su-57, with the DIRCM in the final stage.

What is DIRCM?

Guided infrared countermeasure systems, specifically DIRCMs, are used to protect air and naval platforms from infrared guided missiles.

The systems send high-powered laser energy at an approaching infrared or ultraviolet guided missile.

This laser energy makes it difficult for the missile's seeker to locate the target, causing the missile to drift away from the protected platform.

DIRCM turrets work in integration with different missile warning systems and flare launchers on the platform.

Key features of YILDIRIM-100

  • Multi-band laser output
  • Compatibility with UV-based missile warning systems
  • Dual turret configuration to provide full protection
  • Fast and accurate threat capture and monitoring
  • Ability to work under multiple threat scenarios
  • High energy laser production on the target
  • Small size and weight, low power consumption
  • High availability, low maintenance and low life cycle cost

In addition, ASELSAN continues to develop many different electro-optical systems.

Among these systems, there are warning and recognition systems such as KARAT-100, TOYGUN-100, IRIS-300, LIAS-300. When ASELSAN completes these systems, Turkey will have superior electro-optical protection for aerial platforms."

Their impact on businesses in the Aegean

In any case, their effect in the Aegean will be significant in the event of an aeronautical confrontation with our country, which should take the necessary measures in time, since the Turkish system in question is under development.

Our response should focus on procuring anti-countermeasures, defeating the Turkish DIRCM, YILDIRIM-100 and 300.

As a supply country he imagines one of the USA-Israel-France, with the first having the lead, mainly due to the purchase of F-35s from it, in which the purchase of the above anti-countermeasures can be included in his supply package .



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