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US creates "Rapid Support Force" for maritime theaters of operations-Greece's moves for the Aegean

Like any military confrontation, the war in Ukraine is a springboard for the formation of new doctrines, the development of existing weapon systems and the adaptation of the conclusions from it to the defense requirements of third countries.

In the above context, "US Navy Creates Rapid Reaction Core to Transfer Technology to Ukraine and Taiwan", as reported in an article by a reputable International Media, the highlights of which in our estimation are highlighted as follows:
"The US Navy is creating a new agency aimed at rapidly deploying maritime tools in current and potential future theaters of operations, including Ukraine and Taiwan.

Specifically, the Maritime Accelerated Response Capability Cell will be urgently mandated by the Department of Defense and will work with the Navy and Marine Corps, including research labs, acquisition offices, fleet executives, and resource donors who can provide funding to quickly find and implement a solution if it is urgently required.

"MARCC will initially focus on Ukraine, Taiwan and their emergency support and will have the flexibility to adapt to new conflicts or urgent DoD requirements and tasks," according to the founding memorandum, dated May 2, 2023.
A Navy source familiar with the MARCC situation but not authorized to speak about the ongoing process said the Navy already has access to a number of rapid acquisition and rapid adoption authorities that Congress has enacted into law in recent years. years.

However, these principles and how to use them effectively are not always widely understood across the department.

The Navy has successfully deployed these tools to support Ukraine since Russia invaded the country in February 2022, the source said, and MARCC will codify procedures that have worked well over the past 15 months.

As the war in Ukraine continues, and the Defense Department increasingly focuses on preventing a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, the source said the MARCC will ensure the Navy is able to continue to quickly move equipment to the battlefield.

As the Department of Defense identifies urgent needs to assist U.S. allies or partners, or for use by U.S. forces, MARCC would respond to those needs, share them across the Navy to solicit creative solutions, and it will then carry them out using the existing fast-track acquisition and fast-shipment principles, the source said.

MARCC's work won't be limited to any particular technology area, the source said, so the Navy has opted to create a flexible group that can draw expertise as needed, rather than remaining in one office with a larger permanent staff.
The founding memorandum notes that a permanent executive director will manage and execute all activities of the core and serve as the Navy's primary advisor on strategies and responses to emergency tasks.

This director will be supported by a cross-functional team that could include representatives from the office of the secretary of the Navy, the chief of staff for naval operations, headquarters of the Marine Corps, systems commands, program executive offices, warfare centers, the research laboratories and the fleet.

The source made it clear that MARCC would not have its own money to finance its initiatives, but would rather use money made available through Ukraine's supplementary credit package and other funding lines."

The creation of the MARCC by the USA so that they can identify urgent needs to help their allies or partners, creates associations of exploitation by our country regarding the Hellenic-Turkish and the Aegean.
Our assessment is that our country should move in 2 pillars guided by MARCC.

The first is through expatriate senators and friends of our country in high positions, such as the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the American Senate, Bob Menendez, to seek the inclusion of Greece as a country to examine the work of the MARCC, due to the Turkish threat in the Aegean at our expense.

The consequence of this will be that from now on there will be a detailed design by the USA of the needs that will arise for our country in a conflict with Turkey in the Aegean and in securing its demands.

The second pillar is for our country to set up its own MARCC, within the framework of the EU.

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