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What do the Russians know? "Greece-Turkey truce in the Aegean" - Suspicions about a new Prespa-style agreement

What do they know in Moscow, talking about an informal truce between Greek and Turkish forces, for their own interests of course, since it is known that the Russians are "on fire" for the Aegean that connects the Black Sea to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Russian companies, and their warships, pass through our Aegean every day, for the naval base of Tartus and Suez, in which Al-Sisi recently expanded the territory for Russian investments.

The Russian media reported that "the governments of Greece and Turkey have informally agreed to reduce tension in the Aegean during the election campaigns in the two countries", citing the Greek press.

The agreement is valid "until the electoral landscape is clarified and the electoral cycle is completed in both countries".

This truce will be beneficial to both sides of the conflict. In particular, Greece will be able to withdraw the main parts of its fleet for maintenance for the first time after a three-year period of alert, which began after Turkey invaded the zone of Greek claims on the continental shelf.

We remind you that in 2023 parliamentary elections will be held in Greece and presidential elections in Turkey.

After the train crash in Greece on February 28, the ruling party's ratings fell almost to the opposition's.

Also, the climate in Greek-Turkish relations was affected by the general anti-Russian position of the West", it said.

The Russians are on alert because of the atmosphere surrounding a possible Prespa-style agreement for the Aegean between Athens and Ankara.

Such an agreement should, from our country's side, be supported by a cooperation government, according to former politicians such as Mrs. Bakoyani.

She recently stated:

Speaking to Kriti TV, he added that he has "no taboos" regarding the joint exploitation of the resources of the Aegean with Turkey.

"Co-operation is not a taboo, I don't have any taboos, at the moment there is no such issue, there is the Egypt-Israel-Greece agreement to which Turkey was also called. The Israel-Lebanon agreement which is at war is an example, they cooperate", he said characteristically: "At some point there will be an international conference on energy in the Mediterranean, there will be a wider agreement. The Mediterranean is a small sea with many states".

She added: "The extension of 12 miles east of Crete has already been put on the table, but such a move is made with the political world of the country informed. In essence, there are no differences with SYRIZA regarding the country's strategic choices. If El. taught us anything. Venizelos is that the first thing in foreign policy is the recognition of reality. The associations, the interests. To create alliances, which will help you in the difficult moment. At this moment we should not expand the 12 nautical miles around the perimeter of Crete and delimit the EEZ with Cyprus".

What has been feverishly being prepared behind the scenes in our area for some time now?

A lot is being said and heard during this time on the occasion of the elections at the same time in Greece and Turkey, while American giants (EXXONMOBILL -CHEVRON) are looking to start work south of Crete for example.

The USA and Germany pressured our country (instead of Skopje) to accept a shameful agreement, giving the name "North Macedonia", with the aim of joining the country to NATO, removing the Russian presence from there.

Now American and other companies (ENI-TOTAL) are preparing to start exploration-mining in the Eastern Mediterranean, and all of them together are asking for "calm and peace" in the region, otherwise nothing can take place.

The problem for all of them is Turkey of 83 million inhabitants, (30 million youth), with whom they all have commercial, economic and military relations.

Especially the US, which has endured insults unheard of for any country in the alliance by the Erdogan regime, which mocked them and continues to do so directly.

Nevertheless, Greece, the staunchest ally of the US, and the country that spends 2% on defense spending on mostly US hardware, will likely receive excessive behind-the-scenes pressure after the election to get an Aegean deal with Turkey.

However, any agreement with a Turkey, which considers, for example, 20 Greek islands as Turkish (Islamist-Kemalist), cannot be reached under any circumstances.

Why would anyone ask all this?

Because there is an international conference on the Eastern Mediterranean on the subject of hydrocarbons.

There, the west together with Greece-Cyprus-Egypt-Israel-Italy-France, some other countries will divide the areas where the energy giants will operate, while we also have the issue of the East Med pipeline.

How will we proceed to this meeting without the Greek-Turkish dispute in the Aegean and the Mediterranean regarding the extension to 12 miles and the division of the EEZ having been resolved?

The answer is with a Greece-Turkey agreement which is very likely to be very detrimental to Greek interests.

The secret diplomacy all this time has done a lot, while Greece's support to the UN shows an unexpected Turkish conversion that only puts bad suspicions in our minds, about what we expect to see from now until and after the elections in the country us.

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