Greek-Turkish Relations
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Turkish CN-235 was flying yesterday in the Aegean-The Turks seized the humanitarian aid destined for the Syrian Kurds

Really, the Turkish Officials (not the common people) in the midst of a monstrous disaster in the SE side of the Turkish territory, provoke to the highest degree with their attitude, both the Greek intentions and the entire civilized world.

Ankara accepted the provision of humanitarian aid from Cyprus, as it became known, but yesterday until 22:44 pm, 1 Turkish spy plane CN-235 flew over the SE Aegean and we had 2 violations of the Greek FIR.

In other words, at the moment when Greek experienced rescuers of EMAK were saving, and continue to do so, human lives, the Turkish Air Force was questioning the Greek airspace in the Aegean.

Iraqi Kurds' Humanitarian Aid destined for Syrian Kurds seized by Turks

According to N. Michaelidis, an expert on Turkey issues and journalistic sources, "the Turkish regime, with false pretexts, proceeded to confiscate a large amount of humanitarian aid material sent by the Kurdish administration of Northern Iraq via Turkey to Efrin, Syrian Kurdistan, saying that the material will be used in Turkey!”

The government of the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan sent aid to the Syrian Kurds via Turkish territory.

"Aid intended to be delivered to Afrin via Turkey seized."
The "Barzani Relief Foundation" sent aid to Afrin with 2 large truckloads of blankets, food and medical supplies. The trucks arrived in Gaziantep, Turkey, but they were seized,"
local media sources said.

This is, of course, the merciless face of the Turkish government, for which there is no way that at this critical time any help will be allowed to the Kurds, who are also unhappy people mourning thousands of dead, just like the Turkish citizens.

No organization, state, or union of states such as the EU was mobilized for the matter, and in fact to reward this "Turkish attitude" the UN will initially send 25 million dollars as aid to Turkey.

The money will be given to the Turkish government, which is trying to monopolize the management of the relief efforts, the public image and rhetoric about the disaster, but the images and information indicate a huge anger of the Turkish residents of the affected areas, against the Erdogan regime, which has made them a "sea" in the matter of rudimentary management of the earthquake disaster.

This insistence of the Turkish authorities on their "interests", even in this tragic situation for their people, shows that the Officials in Ankara do not change their minds, and for this reason they may, on the occasion of the earthquake, experience an uprising in SE Turkey which is likely to spread throughout the country very soon.

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