Greek-Turkish Relations
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Turkish extremists threaten Germany's security and attack Greeks and Armenians

There is really a serious danger in Europe, and especially in Germany from the well-known Turkish far-right organization and the Erdogan regime, which has set up a parallel state, not only within this country, but within France, Austria, Sweden, etc.

"The far-right Turkish Gray Wolves threaten state security," says German intelligence. The German Intelligence Agency (BfV) considers the violent tendencies of the far-right Turkish nationalist group "Grey Wolves" as a threat to the democratic order in the country.

As the assassination of former Gray Wolves leader Sinan Ateş continues to dominate news and debate in Turkey, the BfV shared an analysis of the Turkish nationalist movement in the country.

The document notes that the group's penchant for violence poses a threat to internal security and freedom as well as the democratic order in Germany.

According to the BfV, the Gray Wolves are an ultranationalist, racist and anti-Semitic group. “The ideological spectrum of the movement ranges from nationalist Kemalism to Islamists. The ideology includes extreme nationalistic features as well as anti-Semitic and racist far-right elements," the analysis states.

Stressing that members of the Gray Wolves see themselves as an "Aryan race", the German intelligence service underlined that they humiliate Armenians, Greeks, Jews, Kurds and others who are supposed to be against Turkey.

The BfV also said that there are about 11,000 members of the Gray Wolves in Germany, and while some of their views appear to be moderate, the group spreads extremist views and prepares various actions anyway.

According to a recent report by the German state television, the tripartite "Erdogan-pro-Turkey lobbies-Turkish Secret Services" are working to establish a parallel state in Germany.

In a recent (2022) report by the German ZDF, the question arises: "how much influence does Erdogan have in Germany?"

Turkish agents in collaboration with Imams operate undisturbed within the large Turkish community, while threatening the very security of Germany.

We are talking about Islamic fundamentalism which is systematically implemented in other countries of Europe, and has a central network of Mosques controlled by extreme imams (not all of them) which are the bases of their plans.

The sooner they "wake up" in the EU, the smaller the cost will be for the old continent.

However, we are reminded of Eleftherios Venizelos's statement about the Turks from the distant 1921, which is as relevant as ever: "Only a decisive attitude will restrain the Turks, otherwise, they could come and ask for Mosques in London, Paris and Rome, with minarets taller than the churches of Saint Paul, Notre Dame and Saint Peter".

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