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A British MP is calling for the recognition of the Pseudo-state: "Turkish Cypriots would be a better partner for our country than Greek Cypriots

A statement that is important to stress came from Britain, which has recently shown close ties with Turkey, on the "Turkish state" in the northern part of Cyprus, a Turkish publication writes.

According to Turkey's Yeni Akit, a British MP addressed the government about Turkish army-occupied northern Cyprus, which has been targeted by Israel and where insidious plans are being made to upset certain countries.

Sammy Wilson, an MP in the UK parliament, called for the recognition of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) in his speech to parliament, according to the website. 

In fact, he stressed that the TRNC should be recognized by the UK, pointing out that Turkish Cypriots would be a better partner for his country than Greek Cypriots.

"I see no reason why the UK should not recognise the TRNC as a legitimate authority for the Turkish Cypriot population," Wilson said.

"I genuinely believe that (the TRNC) represents a good partner for the UK.

"Because, unlike the Greek Cypriot population, they have never targeted or campaigned against our sovereign military bases on the island," he said, according to the Turkish publication.

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