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Turkish-Cypriots are fighting with each other over the sale of Greek-Cypriot properties in the occupied territories

A wild brawl seems to have broken out in the occupied Cyprus over the sale of Greek Cypriot properties, according to what is being written and said in the Turkish Cypriot media

Social media postings by columnist Sabahatin Ismail disturbed some in the National Unity Party of the False Will, as Ismail reported that the party's secretary-general, Oguzhan Hashipoglu, as a lawyer, is a shareholder in 17 Israeli companies and a director in 18 companies.

According to Cypriot media, Avroupa published Ismail's post in full in response to Ustel: "While the country has so many problems, Unal Ustel and his entourage went to Istanbul yesterday to watch a football match. After the match they went to the hotel. Probably after drinking two double whiskies, he called me around 11 o'clock at night, probably with the encouragement of his entourage or some close friends, some construction workers. I replied: 'Hello, Prime Minister'. Very rudely, in a harsh tone and in a loud, reproachful voice he asked: 'Sabahatin, are you the one who wrote these articles? I was annoyed but restrained myself: 'What articles? I said'".

And he continued: "you wrote that Unal Ustel does not know the facts about the properties sold to the Jews, or that he is concealing them... You stirred up the place about the Jews who bought the land. What kind of man are you? You wrote lies, those are not true, you made them up, there is no such thing, I knew you as a comrade and friend. How could you write these things? No foreigner will buy property in this country, you will destroy the builders, the economy will collapse, there is no such thing, you are making it up!" he cried and started talking.

Sabahatin Ismail then reports that he asked Ustel to speak calmly, and pointed out to him that the documents were "public" and asked him to set up a committee to examine them, adding that he was not opposed to the construction industry, but to the purchase of tens of thousands of acres of land by foreigners, especially Jews.

Subsequently, according to Ismail, Ustel lashed out and accused him of serving the Greek Cypriots and the PKK and that there was no need for an investigation, prompting the following response from the columnist: "Who do you think you are, calling me at 11 at night and calling me names, you are shameless, you have destroyed the country. The Jews are buying thousands of acres of land. While you don't naturalize the Turks, you naturalize them immediately. I did not invent the documents, they are official documents."

"Are you trying to protect the Jews? I have spent my life fighting the Greek Cypriots, you cannot call me their servant. You are the one who serves Israel and the Greek Cypriots by turning a blind eye to the sale of tdvk land to Jews. Go to the villages and see how uncomfortable people are with this situation. The mayor of Karpasia announced that 80% of Karpasia's lands have been sold, you don't even know it".

A Yeni Douzen publication also commented on the issue, writing on Saturday that "there is a quarrel on the basis of 'nationalism' about the sale of the properties looted from the Greeks! There is a really funny rant about 'Cyprus is being Israelized'! Behind this noise, there is clearly a struggle for 'rada'"

"Those who have less money are somehow trying to stop those who have more money! Otherwise, everyone knows very well that our country is not being nationalized, nor is there any chance of that happening! After all, the property belongs to the Greeks, even though they know this very well and seem to "refuse to accept it"! It seems that the Real Estate Commission was not set up for our pretty eyes!", it added.

The news of the confrontation between Ismail and Ustel was also reported in Turkish media.

In addition, in today's article, entitled "The Greek Cypriot lobby doesn't know what it's doing", Avroupa notes that the dialogue was reignited after the latest statements by the Turkish Foreign Minister on the sale of property to foreigners in the occupied territories. Only Unal Ustel responded, it is reported. "The thieves who usurped the properties of Greek Cypriots are selling these properties. The usurpers are fighting among themselves in this dispute where Greek Cypriots have no right to a voice," it added.

Among other things, it says that "as soon as Iranians, Russians, Israeli developers and real estate agents entered the scene, he adds, they all became 'patriots'. He also writes that while the President, Nikos Christodoulides, is looking for water in the Arabian desert, "every last square metre of the land of 200,000 Greek Cypriot refugees and the Republic of Cyprus was sold"

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