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Turkish media: Is Cyprus the second homeland of Israel? How the Jews and Israelis are slowly occupying it

According to Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan's answer to a question in the Planning and Budget Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the number of applications for property purchases in Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus in the last five years is 15,000, the Turkish daily Milliyet reports.


Israeli citizens ranked 12th among foreigners who bought property in the Turkish-occupied part of the Republic of Cyprus. The British, Iranians, Ukrainians and Russians are in first place. 

In other words, official records deny the claim that there is a hidden Israeli occupation on the island. However, there is an unseen side to the issue. The facts there are a little disturbing.

In the Turkish army-occupied part of the island of Cyprus, property sales to third-country nationals may be subject to the approval of the Council of Ministers. 

Turkish Cypriots can buy unlimited property without any approval. It is no secret that Jews from Israel or other countries who have become citizens of the Turkish Cypriot community, especially since the early 2000s, own a significant number of properties on the island, according to the website. 

According to the claim by the private secretary of former Turkish Cypriot President Rauf Denktash and journalist Sabahattin İsmail, it is true that those who buy property on the island with an Israeli passport are in 12th place. 

But there are also thousands of Jews who buy properties with Russian, Ukrainian, British, German and Turkish passports.

The owners of 3 major construction companies operating in Occupied Cyprus are Jews who have been granted citizenship of the so-called Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. 

They are the ones who do the real big purchases! 

Sabahattin İsmail says that these Jewish-controlled companies are officially considered as Northern Cyprus companies and have closed thousands of acres of land on the island. 

As the basis for this claim, he cites a British citizen named David Levis, who built the Carpathian Gate Marina. Levis is a name awarded by the World Zionist Congress and Israel for his services to Israel!

Israel's interest in the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus gained momentum in the 2000s under Prime Minister Mehmet Ali Talat. 

With the amenities provided to Jewish businessmen, a marina zone and 5-star hotel project in Erenköy was primarily approved. 

Then, the message "They came only for investment" was artfully fed to the public. With this investment, the Israel lobby is fast becoming one of the most influential lobbies on the island. It was during this period that a two-storey villa purchased in the name of Haim Azimov in the village of Agios Georgios (Turkish: Karaoğlanoğlu) in Kyrenia opened as the first unofficial synagogue in Occupied Cyprus.

The entire Lapta-Alsancak-Çatalköy-Ilgaz-Gaziveren regions... And Jewish sites begin to rise on the purchased lands from Kyrenia eastwards to Dikkarpaz - Rizokarpaso. After these sections are completed, they head towards the southern coast of the Carpathian peninsula.

They are very careful not to leave strangers among them

An Israeli-born businessman, who was granted citizenship by a decision of the Cabinet of the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus", starts building giant Jewish sites on thousands of acres of land he bought in the Iskele area.

 Another Israeli-born businessman, a citizen of the Turkish Cypriot community, is currently continuing the construction of a large site on Alagadi Beach in Kyrenia. The owner of the giant Aphrodite site in the Kazivera area is another Israeli-born businessman who was granted citizenship.

Obtaining citizenship is not the only method used by Israelis to acquire unlimited property on the island.

 They continue to buy property through companies established in the names of Turkish Cypriots. Turkish Cypriots who buy land on behalf of the Israeli lobby are persuaded with large sums of money.

It is argued that sometimes factors such as blackmail and threats play a role. 

According to unofficial figures, about 30 thousand Jews live in northern Cyprus, which has a population of 386 thousand. They have 2 thousand companies and 25 thousand acres of land. Those who came from Ukraine after the war are not included in this number.

To sum up.

It is clear that the interest of Israel and Jews from all over the world in the island of Cyprus is not an ordinary and spontaneous interest. The island of Cyprus is located within the "Arzı Mevud" lands of the Jews [(note: Arz-ı Mev'ud expression from the Qur'an; The Promised Land promised by Moses to the Jews]). 

They are very active not only in the north of the island but also in the Greek-controlled south, adds Zafar Sahin. 

What is the main purpose of the "Larnaca-Gaza Humanitarian Corridor" project, which suddenly came to the fore after the Gaza issue emerged?

Is it really their concern about humanitarian aid activity or are they preparing to take one of the steps that will turn Cyprus into a second home for Israel?

As I was writing this article, the press release of the Cyprus Foundation came to my mind via Whatsapp. They remind us that Cyprus is the most strategic point in the Mediterranean and on the issue of Turkey's national security and continue as follows:

 One of the main goals of the Western world and Israel is to occupy the island by eliminating Turkey. 

If Cyprus falls, the Mediterranean falls.

 If the Mediterranean falls, Anatolia falls.

We warn the Turkish Cypriot people of land sales to Zionist Jews and call on them to stop this silent occupation. 

Cyprus must not become Palestine.

All this statement by the foundation is important, but the last wish-warning is very crucial...

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