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National Guard in Cyprus together with National Guardsmen from Greece in explosive military drills

From October 17 to 24, 2023, the "IRIS - 2023" Interbranch Tactical Exercise (TAMS) took place, with the participation of all the personnel and means of the active force of the National Guard.

The objective purpose of TAMS "IRIS - 2023" was to develop part of the operational capabilities of Formations, Commands and Tactical Groups and to implement scenarios that simulate real conditions. In particular, items related to the execution of combined and interdisciplinary operations, to deal with both conventional and asymmetric threats, were examined.

The exercise concluded on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, with the final phase being held at the Kalos Chorio Exercise Field, which included the examination of defensive and offensive scenarios. The planning and execution of the final phase was carried out by the 2nd Motorized Infantry Brigade, with the participation and support of personnel and means, other Formations and Commands of the National Guard.

The final phase was preceded by smaller-scale exercises by the other Formations and Commands in other Exercise Fields, during which corresponding scenarios were examined, while a National Guard Group of the Hellenic Armed Forces participated in part of them. At the same time, in the field of air operations, the air defense system was developed by the Air Command, while, in the maritime area, the Navy Command implemented scenarios to deal with asymmetric threats from Warships, maritime interdiction operations from the Aggressive Arrays and special operations from the Submarine Disaster Unit.

The final phase of the exercise was attended by the Minister of Defense Mr. Michalis Giorgallas, the Chief of the National Guard, Lt. Gen. George Tsitsikostas, Members of the Parliamentary Defense Committee, the Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Mr. Andreas Loukas, the Hierarchy of the Greek Armed Forces, as well as executive delegations. Also present were representatives of state agencies, services and local authorities, retired officers, reservist and national guard delegations as well as Defense Entourage, observers and other representatives of friendly sites.

At the end of the exercise, the Chief congratulated the National Guard personnel for the excellent performance in the handling of the means, the diligence and professionalism they demonstrated. At the same time, he urged them to continue with zeal and dignity to work for the public for the purpose of all, that is, the strengthening of the fighting capacity of the National Guard, so that it is able to respond to every challenge with speed, determination and precision.

He also pointed out that the execution of the exercise was carried out without any change from the original plan despite the fact that in parallel with it, a large part of the staff takes the lead in assisting the reception and departure of citizens at the ports and airports, at the KSED and at the temporary accommodation facilities of the National Guard. At the same time, another important part is strengthening the Police in the security of vital facilities of the Republic of Cyprus, while the provision of facilities to friendly countries is also underway as part of the preventive measures taken in case of further deterioration of the conflicts in our region.

Finally, he pointed out that the National Guard, through the optimal and rational utilization of the material and human resources entrusted to it by the State and relying on the trust of society, will focus its efforts on the execution of the Mission and the work assigned to it, so that it is on the one hand a strong deterrent force and a powerful tool for the realization of the political-military aspirations of the Republic of Cyprus and on the other hand to continue to highlight Cyprus as a reliable factor of security and stability in our near and wider region.


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