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The Turks are carrying out a second settlement in occupied Cyprus- They brought 8000 earthquake victims from Anatolia - The Erdogan-Tatar plan

The devastating earthquakes in Turkey resulted in thousands of dead and injured as well as millions of homeless people, whose homes were destroyed.

The majority of them still remain in the affected areas in camps built by the Turkish authorities, who have announced a mammoth project to rebuild the houses that were destroyed.

Finally some of those affected left the area looking for shelter either by themselves or with their relatives in other Turkish cities

The Turks colonize Cyprus with earthquake victims from Anatolia

Among them are the approximately 8,000 earthquake victims who have sought refuge in the Turkish-controlled northern parts of the island of Cyprus, following the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria last month, according to Turkish Cypriot media, as reported by International Media, pointing out :

Halkin Sesi news agency reported that despite officials claiming fewer than 2,000 earthquake victims entered the north, the number is four times higher.

"While there have been conflicting statements about the number of victims affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and arriving in the TRNC, according to the information we received, 7,895 earthquake victims came to the country between February 7 and March 4, 2023," Halkin said. Cece.

In the past few days, Turkish Cypriot officials have given conflicting numbers to the media.

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar said there were 5,000 victims of the earthquake in the north, while the head of the ruling coalition Unal Ustel said last week that only 1,500 people had sought shelter.

The north's social security office said there were 3,800, while municipal authorities said they had recorded 4,000.

Halkin Cesi cited "official documents" they had obtained, noting that 1,802 of the people seeking refuge were children enrolled in schools in the north.

According to Halkin Sesi, 64% of the refugees are from Hatay region in Turkey, which bore the brunt of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on February 6.

Earthquake victims arriving from Turkey seeking assistance may be granted temporary residence permits, such as tourist visas, and in exceptional cases, may be allowed to work.

Meanwhile, the death toll in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 50,000, while aftershocks rock the region after the big quake.

The results of the Municipal elections in the occupied territories

It is recalled that about 2 months ago, we had municipal elections in the occupied territories, where the candidates of the parties who are in favor of resolving the Cyprus issue in a peaceful way on the basis of a Federal State, achieved a triumphant victory over the "elites" of the Tatars and Erdogan, who claim that the only acceptable solution for the Cyprus issue is that of 2 separate states, effectively precluding the final division of the island.

In particular, we had an overwhelming defeat of the elected Tatar-Erdogan in the Municipality of Nicosia and also in the Municipality of Famagusta, which is expected to signal developments in the future.

Regarding the Municipality of Nicosia, the victory of Harmantsi means much more than the fact that the candidate of a left-wing party wins the mayorship.

Our assessment is that Harmantsi will concern us in the future, since in his person the Turkish Cypriots see a new political personality who would follow in the footsteps of Akinci, in order to rally all those who wish to resolve the Cypriot issue on the basis of a Federated State.

Of particular importance and weight is the election of Suleiman Ulutsai of the CTP in Famagusta, who is known to be against unilateral actions for the opening of Varosia.

We remind here that the tip of the spear of Turkish aggression in Cyprus and the resolution of the Cypriot issue on the basis of the two states favored by Erdogan and Tatar, is the universal opening of Varossia, in violation of all the decisions of the UN Security Council.

The Erdogan-Tatar plan for Cyprus

The new settlement that the Erdoğan-Tatars are carrying out in the occupied territories of Cyprus by transporting earthquake victims from Anatolia has as a starting point the above unfavorable election results for the two, thus attempting to restore order.

It is certain that Erdogan and Tatars will continue their moves to achieve the international recognition of the pseudo-state and its further militarization, turning the occupied territories into a huge air base, assisted by the occupying troops already present on the island.

The rapprochement that Erdogan is attempting with Assad, under the instructions and watchful eye of Putin, has as a possible manifestation and design in our estimation, the recognition of the pseudo-state by the Syrian regime and the demarcation of an EEZ with it, in exchange for withdrawal of Turkish military forces from Northern Syria and Assad's failure to grant extended autonomy to the YPG Kurds.

The ultimate goal is for Turkey, through the supposed EEZ of the pseudo-state, and Russia, through the EEZ of Syria, to attempt to "lay a hand" on the rich hydrocarbon deposits of Cyprus, trying to create new data in the SE Mediterranean.







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