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M. Rubin against Turkey: "The occupation of Cyprus must be ended no matter what - The occupied territories are the starting point of the Iranian terrorism"

It is a fact that the occupied territories in Cyprus are used by Turkey as a territory for the entry of illegal immigrants into the free Cyprus, anticipating a demographic change of the population, creating multiple problems for the Cypriot government.

In fact, Cyprus requested the assistance of the EU as well as the UN peacekeeping force on the issue, since illegal immigrants mostly pass through the "green line", from the occupied territories to free Cyprus, seeking asylum.


The "use" of the occupied by Iranian terrorism

But in addition to the above, in an article in an American reputable media outlet, the distinguished analyst Michael Rubin entitled "Turkey-Iran terrorist link in occupied Cyprus shakes the status quo", points out:

"Among the many frozen conflicts in the world, the division of Cyprus may seem to Americans the most distant in time. After all, it has been almost half a century since Turkey invaded the island.

If the Turks say that Greek ambitions to annex the island justified their first invasion, such logic collapsed a week later when the Greek military junta "fell".

That Turkey invaded again, seizing an additional 30% of the island during peace talks, is an affront to good faith, diplomacy and international law.

However, Americans can be forgiven for forgetting about Cyprus.

The stakes seem low compared to South Korea, where 28,500 US troops are perhaps the only thing standing in the way of renewed North Korean aggression and a war that could kill millions.

They also pale in comparison to Nagorno-Karabakh, where Azerbaijani forces are openly threatening to wipe out one of the world's oldest Christian communities.

Kashmir and Taiwan? Both conflicts could easily go nuclear.

Russia and Ukraine?

The fate of Europe seems to hang in the balance.

Being a UN peacekeeper in Cyprus is one of the easiest jobs at the UN. There have been fewer than 20 deaths along the dead zone since 1974 and none in the past quarter century.

But it's time for Washington to wake up- Vacancies rarely attract altruistic forces.

Failed Iranian terror plot shows how Cyprus' status quo is no longer sustainable

On June 25, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Cypriot authorities for their role in thwarting a terrorist plot against Israeli targets.

Later that week, Israel's usually tight-lipped spy agency acknowledged that it had kidnapped the leader of an Iranian terror group, disrupting his plan.

The information that emerged from this arrest revealed that Iran attempted to use the Turkish-occupied zone in northern Cyprus to launch attacks against Israelis and Jews.

None of this should be surprising.

While Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tells world leaders he is willing to trade Turkey's membership of the European Union for the lifting of his veto on Sweden's NATO membership, he presides over the only country that holds membership in the European Union.

Turkey's new foreign minister, Hakan Fidan, has long-standing ties to Iranian intelligence.

Intelligence directors across the region describe Fidan's pro-Iranian sympathies.

Not even the Turkish army occupying parts of Cyprus can provide stability

Consider, for example, the statement by Erdogan's chief coalition partner Devlet Bahceli, who, on July 4, declared: "Allah is one and his army is Turkish."

The fact that Turkey has turned an airport in the occupied zone into a drone base capable of threatening Israel, Greece, Egypt and international shipping exiting the Suez Canal only heightens the threat.

During the 1990s, Washington ignored Afghanistan as it turned into a terrorist safe haven, and the result was thousands of American deaths in New York and Washington.

Turkish-ruled Cyprus may not rise to the same level, but its status as a launch pad for Iranian terrorism in Europe is a threat that neither the United States nor Europe can afford to ignore any longer.

It is time to end the occupation of Cyprus by any means necessary, even if it means imposing sanctions on Turkey's economy.

The West can no longer ignore Cyprus nor should it appease Turkey's libertarianism and imperialism any longer.

Dormant collisions atrophy security and then the death begins.

Turkey's tolerance of international terrorism means it is time for the West's suffering to end once and for all."

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