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Nothing is accidental - US-Cyprus in Eastern Mediterranean crisis response exercise amid the Turkey's earthquake

Cyprus and the US are conducting a joint military exercise on the island codenamed "Silver Falcon 23" until February 24.

The exercise is being carried out in cooperation with the US European Command (USEUCOM) and the National Guard, the Cypriot Foreign Ministry announced on Monday.

"The exercise named "Silver Falcon 23" takes place in the context of the excellent bilateral relations between the United States and the Republic of Cyprus.

"The objective is to test the emergency procedures and protocols to be followed in the event of a crisis in the region, including the support of humanitarian operations, evacuation through the territory of the Republic and especially the interoperability between the Armed Forces of the two countries.

"Through this joint exercise, the Armed Forces of the two countries will have the opportunity to gain valuable experiences and learn lessons in a mutually reinforcing and beneficial context," the Cypriot ministry said in a statement.

During the exercise, a limited number of US forces will be temporarily deployed to certain locations in Cyprus "to achieve training objectives".

"Silver Falcon 23 is a pillar of the strategic partnership between the United States of America and the Republic of Cyprus.

The exercise is designed to enhance interoperability between the troops of both nations and ensure preparedness for any eventuality, particularly for crisis response.

“This exercise serves as an opportunity for USEUCOM and the Cypriot military to train together and learn from each other.

"SF23 represents another step in the purposeful and strategic relationship between the US and Cyprus and contributes to regional stability," US Army Europe Command announced.
USEUCOM is responsible for US military operations throughout Europe, parts of Asia and the Middle East, the Arctic, and the Atlantic Ocean.

It includes more than 64,000 military and civilian personnel and works closely with NATO Allies and partners.

The announcement of the Americans and their plans for Cyprus

"Many US ships and submarines have conducted port visits and operations in and around Cyprus this year as the US continues to work together to promote security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea," said the US Commander of Task Force 67. , consisting of a formidable air force in the US Naval Forces Europe-Africa (NAVEUR-NAVAF) area of ​​operations.


This task force provides support and combat-ready maritime patrol aircraft, as well as support forces to NAVEUR-NAVAF, US Sixth Fleet, NATO, to conduct effective anti-submarine warfare, provide real, reliable intelligence, in order to enhance regional stability ”, states the American website, thus describing in general terms what will take time relatively soon.

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