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Greece is close to buying Thirty Black Hawk helicopters with a formal purchase request to the US

We are waiting for the US decision to buy up to 30 Black Hawks helicopters from Sikorsky.

The Greek side has formally submitted a purchase request to the US government in April for nearly 50 UH-60s, but the intention now is for 30 units to replace the Greek Army's UH-1s, according to anchor media sources.

In fact, according to the plan of the Hellenic Air Force, the BlackHawk will be the main type of Special Operations helicopter as it can carry heavy armament such as machine guns, rockets and Hellfire missiles.

According to the ERT report, the Greek Armed Forces are trying, after many decades, to achieve a uniformity, as there are currently 18 different types of helicopters in the army, air force, navy and security forces.

This is nothing new, but it shows that our country is now moving at a race against the clock when it comes to equipment to meet the immediate needs of the armed forces, especially the land army.

Now the facts have changed, especially after the moves of the Turks, and as it seems, a possible purchase of American BLACK HAWK helicopters is imminent, with which we will create the first Greek "Flying Cavalry" force, as the Americans call it.

This will be an airborne force to transport elite infantry forces, which will be the most rational solution to any suspected Turkish airborne plan against our islands.

The transfer of a large numerical force of pan-armed infantry to the point of need, by BLACK HAWK helicopters, (accompanied by our Aegean fighter aircraft or without it), could be life-saving in scenarios of possible Greek-Turkish conflict, in case Turks offended a small island with few or no inhabitants.  

Turkey has been putting its eye on our islands in the Aegean Sea, openly challenging their sovereignty, which has led our country to strengthen its aeronautical capabilities.

 The Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk is a medium-lift transport helicopter manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft.

There is no other way for our country to the suspicious Turkish plans ( despite the honey that is currently flowing between Athens and Ankara), than the continuous strengthening and readiness of its armed forces, with the main thing being the decision to act unannounced and decisively if and when circumstances demand it.

The stakes are huge for our country, its transformation into an energy and strategic hub of the West with an eye on Three Continents, which is why we must look ahead to save future generations with a bipartisan strategy for the next 30 years for the first time.

Every beginning and difficult, but Greece cannot afford another generation "lost" abroad, which has paid for the mistakes of the previous years with bad policies in all areas.

The new plan for a new "Great Idea" comes for our country from the sea, which wants its "wooden walls", to preserve what is built in the coming years, despite the grumbling and petty politics that unfortunately still survives.  

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