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Libyan official: The accident with the Greeks is due to a problem with the tires on the truck and another "malfunction" (Video)

The tragic accident in Libya, which resulted in the death of 5 members of the Greek mission, has shocked the whole of Greece.

The circumstances under which the accident took place are being investigated, and in the next period we will learn and hear a lot more, true and false of course.

The Director of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, Lt. Gen. Khairy Al-Tamimi, yesterday paid an urgent visit to the Greek military rescue team that was involved in a serious traffic accident while on its way to the city of Derna to assist in search and rescue operations.

He offered the condolences of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Marshal Khalifa Hafta, for the victims, wishing a speedy recovery.

For now, the Libyan journalist Mohammed Elgrj, on his personal Twitter account, reported the following about the accident between a truck and the bus with the Greek mission:

"The accident involved a collision (of the Hellenic Bus) with a car carrying a family at a speed of 80 km/h, (after this vehicle) had a problem with one of its tires and another malfunction", without naming it and for this can only be guessed at.

Information indicates that these vans in Libya due to the long distances are modified with extra fuel tanks, aiming for even greater autonomy.

Libyan specifically reported: "about the accident of the Turkish rescue team. The news is not accurate. It was actually the Greek team that was involved in the accident. I was in touch with Ramy Al-Mansouri, the host of the rescue teams at the airport Benina, and here is his statement:

According to the information we received from the accident investigation team, there are casualties from the Greek team.

The accident involved a collision with a car carrying a family at a speed of 80 km/h after experiencing a problem with one of its tires and another malfunction."

The number of victims from the Greek team is 5, of which 4 are women, in addition to the family deaths from the conflict. A widely circulated video of the incident is attached."

The only question-question that comes out of the video published by the Libyans is whether the road shown by the Greek bus is suitable for speeds of 80 km.

The statements, posts of Libyan media and local journalists are not a panacea or completely verified sources, but refer to the effort to search for the exact causes of the tragedy that befell the Greek Armed Forces.

The situation in this country is really very bad, especially after the floods in Derna, since information speaks of 20,000 dead and the already problematic network of the region damaged.

We remind you that, after the tragic news of the car accident that involved all 19 members of the Greek mission to provide humanitarian aid in Libya, a C-130 was ordered by the Greek Air Force to take off from the 112th Fighter Wing in Elefsina for Libya. The Greek transport aircraft landed in Libya at 22:48 on Sunday night.

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