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General Staff of National Defense conducted another "Basic Cyber ​​Defense Interdisciplinary School"

The recent massive hacker attacks on the subject bank system of the Ministry of Education brought more strongly to the minds of those in charge the need to shield the state apparatus against such malicious moves, which in this case seem to emanate from private individuals, but corresponding cyber attack capabilities now have most countries and state apparatuses and if unleashed will be much more difficult for the Authorities to deal with.


In the Armed Forces of the country this issue has been identified for years and methods and means have been developed in order to shield both the system of the Armed Forces of the country itself and the state apparatus if it is requested.

In this context, from Monday May 29 to Friday June 9, 2023, General Staff of National Defense organized and conducted the School's 19th Educational Series entitled "Basic Interdisciplinary School of Cyber ​​Defense", for the year 2023, which took place at the facilities of the Evelpidon Military School, in Vari Attica.

The School was attended by a total of 41 executives from the Armed Forces, the Security Forces and the wider Public Sector, as below:

  • Armed Forces: 25 officers (5 from General Staff of National Defense, 8 from Army General Staff 6 from Navy General Staff and 6 from General Air Staff).
  • Security Forces: 8 officers (5 from the Hellenic Police and 3 from the Coast Guard - Hellenic Coast Guard).
  • Presidency of the Republic: 1 executive.
  • Ministries: 3 executives (1 from the Ministry of National Defense and 2 from the Ministry of Digital Governance).
  • National Intelligence Service: 2 executives

  • National Guard General Staff: 2 executives.

The said training contributed to strengthening the cognitive field of the participants by providing specialized technical knowledge in security, identifying and dealing with a successful cyber attack, both at the individual and network level, with the aim of their rapid response to new business data and modern digital threats.

It should be noted that the Directorate of Cyber ​​Defense of the Defense Ministry in addition to its decisive contribution to the effective strengthening of the cyber security and protection of the Armed Forces, participates through the Interbranch Cyber ​​Defense Operations Center, and in coordination with the co-competent state bodies, in the protection operation of critical State structures


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