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Presentation of the new generation of C-130 to the Air Force

Over 2.8 million flight hours logged. 540 C-130J aircraft have already been delivered to users. It is used by 26 users in 22 countries. It is also described as a "flying Swiss army knife" as it can perform 18 missions already while 54 records have been set. The reason for the new generation of the C-130, the C-130J.

All this while the older versions of "Hercules" have logged more than 25 million flight hours. Over 2,600 C-130s of various versions have been delivered to 70 countries. They are running about 100 missions already!


If nothing else, it is a very good "family tree" that certifies the capabilities of the newest C-130 that was presented to representatives of the press by an echelon of the manufacturing company Lockheed Martin who was in Athens to talk with the General Air Staff about the needs that the Air Force has in new transports.

This version can carry up to 8 pallets while the average is 7, up to 128 passengers while the average is 80, up to 92 paratroopers while the average is 60, and up to 97 stretchers while the average is 70 .

"The C-130J is definitely the future of tactical transport for decades to come, and currently 22 nations in the world are using it and that number is steadily increasing," Lockheed Martin's director of operational requirements said on television.

In a question posed by the signatory to the echelon of the American company, what solutions are available regarding the heavy maintenance of these aircraft given that Greek aviation industry does not have the best track record and only now after its transfer to the Ministry of National Defense has begun something to move, they stated that if a solution is not found within Greece, there are at least three centers with certification for the heavy maintenance of these aircraft, which can undertake the work if ultimately Greece cannot do it with its own means.

When asked about how many aircraft of this type Lockheed Martin is discussing with the Air Force, we were told that given that the C-130J has twice the capabilities of the older versions of the type that Greece has, a number between six and seven would cover the needs of the Air Force for the regular transports it needs inside and outside the country.

As soon as the talks with the Air Force are completed, the General Directorate of Defense Equipment and Investments should undertake to draw up and send the official "Letter of Request" of Greece to the US government. Once Congress gives the green light, as it did with the F-35s, Athens will be able to move through the FMS program and if all goes well the first aircraft will arrive in Elefsina within the next three years. It should be noted that the Air Force has already seen the Brazilian Embraer C-390 transport jet

The maintenance costs of these aircraft can be as much as half that of the C-130s already available to the Air Force, which currently has 3 C-130s on hand and is working to have 10 on hand by 2025.

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