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Turkish analyst: Greek Air Force with aerial refueling aircrafts will increase flights to Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean

A new dalk in Ankara concerning the aerial refueling aircraft that the Greek Air Force will receive from the US.  A new dalkas in Ankara which concerns the aerial refueling aircraft that the Greek Air Force will receive from the US.

Turkish consultant and specialist defense analyst Abdullah Behci states with clear concern: "It is true that thanks to the aerial refueling aircraft, the Greek fighters will extend their stay in the air as long as their range, but if we look at the geography, the take-off areas of the Greek of aircraft are already very close to the areas that will be the center, in case of a possible conflict (Greece-Turkey).

In my opinion, tanker aircraft are not a big need for Greece. Of course, if the Greeks take them, they will certainly benefit them.

If the Greeks own tanker aircraft, they will worry less about fuel and have the opportunity to act more flexibly in such missions.

Personally, I don't think there is much to gain from these two situations. Here, the length of stay of other Greek fighter aircraft in the air comes to mind.

Another area where the tanker aircraft will be useful for Greece is in its plans for the island of Cyprus.

Thanks to the tanker aircraft, the missions of the Hellenic Air Force in Cyprus can be increased qualitatively and quantitatively", he said.

Designed for aerial refueling, the KC-135 Stratotanker is essentially a "flying gas station" that can carry up to 90,718 kg of fuel.

This capability is vital for Greece, which is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Why are the Turks worried about the Greek KC-135 aircraft?

The Turkish analyst is worried, as is the Turkish General Staff, that the Greek F-35s, F-16Vs and Rafales will greatly extend their range, and in the event of a crisis in Cyprus, the Greek fighters will wipe out the Turkish ones in the air , in no time, without the restrictions that applied previously.

Now for the issue of a possible Greek-Turkish conflict

The only case of a "hot episode" or minor involvement between Greece and Turkey could only take place south of Crete, since there will be drilling by the ExxonMobil-Helleniq Energy joint venture, while at the same time the Turks are preparing something similar in the Libyan EEZ.

The US completely ignores the dictator Erdogan and this is what they will find in front of them

Selling F-16Vs to Turkey is like the US giving weapons to Hamas, or Iran.

According to a Kurdish expert, "Turkey is no longer going, according to its new doctrine, to protect NATO against Russia and China. Erdogan is friends with Putin and the Iranian president.

Turkey will use the new jets to continue to blackmail, to continue to threaten the Kurds, Israel, Greece, Armenia and yes even Europe, and the US will not be able to do anything about it.

T. Biden, as president of the USA, had all the power to "comply" Turkey but he did not.

(Now Ms. Nuland is haggling to get Turkey back into the F-35 program, ignoring that Ankara doesn't actually want them, since she's preparing the KAAN.

The reason the Turks don't actually want the F-35, is that their source codes are owned by the US, which will be able to "jam" the aircraft's weapons in a possible war, rendering it useless).

Turkey held an American pastor hostage, is the same country that threatened to "slap" American soldiers, attacked American citizens on American soil in the US capital, is the same country that threatens Kurds in northeast Syria, is the same country that puts endanger US national security on a daily basis.

It is the same country that funds and equips designated terrorist and terrorist organizations, it is the same country that has just strengthened ties with the Iranian regime, with a plan to destroy America and Israel together.

Biden has chosen to ignore the blackmail, hostage diplomacy and all the human rights abuses that Turkey entails.

Instead of anything else, Biden chose to reward them with guns for all of this," he concludes.

This is the truth about today's Turkey, which is the wealthy nation of the west, ignoring all the crimes against humanity committed by a bunch of Turkish governments.

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