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Elbit Systems representatives at the Air Force Headquarters for the JHMCS system- "Fever" of upgrades (Video)

The entrance of the Air Force General Staff (GAF) was passed by the Israeli company ELBIT Systems for its JHMCS helmet-mounted sight, with the aim of presenting it to the Air Force.

On Tuesday, June 6, 2023, a meeting was held, at the General Staff of the Air Force (GAF), between the representatives of "Elbit Systems" Mr. Adam Rosenberg (Senior Director) and Mr. Avi Akoka (Technical Manager) with the responsible staffs of the GAF, Headquarters Tactical Air Force, 110 Combat Wing (MT), 115MP and 116MP.

The purpose of the meeting was to present, on behalf of the company, the capabilities of the JHMCS LoCNDA DEP NVG system it manufactures, the official statement from the MoD said.

Building on an outstanding heritage and operational success, the new JHMCS II offers uniquely advanced capabilities in an affordable package.
Specifically designed for today's operating ranges and tomorrow's operational requirements, the JHMCS II system is a multi-tool for fighter pilots worldwide.

JHMCS II is lightweight, with a minimal installation footprint, providing new levels of logistical and operational savings.

Next generation JHMCS II

  • NVCD (night vision symbol) and click-on night vision goggles (NVG) using the standard NVG mounting bracket
  • Improved helmet and CG comfort
  • Safe, proven visor projection
  • 20 degree circular FOV
  • Higher accuracy, hybrid optical/acoustic tracker with unlimited range of motion and higher redundancy
  • Unique colour display
  • Multi-sensor video presentation
  • CanaryTM - pilot health monitoring with the ability to detect and warn before hypoxia and GLOC events or call for automatic aircraft recovery in the event of pilot loss of consciousness

Variable Transmittance Visor (VTV) is Elbit's proprietary photochromic coating that dynamically attenuates the intensity of light passing through the visor, allowing pilots to perform day and night missions using a single visor, improving the user experience and increasing mission effectiveness.

It is estimated that the GAF is evaluating the acquisition of this equipment for pilots of Rafale fighter aircraft, which carry the Targo-type HMD system from Israel's Elbit Systems.

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