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Brussels is going to mess us up - What scenarios for sending an EU peacekeeping force to Ukraine is Orban talking about?

"Europe is close to the decision to send a peacekeeping force to Ukraine," Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said today, Friday.

Orban, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, spoke to Hungarian radio station Kossuth Rádió on Friday morning about Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

But how will the EU send a peacekeeping force without the decision to accept them from Moscow and Kiev?

Who in Brussels wants to involve Europe again (along with Greece possibly) in a war that is, in its development, a clear military conflict between Russians and Americans?

The countries of Europe are plagued with precision, energy problems, banking crisis, and riots precisely because of the Ukraine war, which would be a wishful work to end by any means and agreement, because it will spread to other areas within Europe, such as the Balkans for example.

These questions are troubling European citizens, who have been experiencing interwar conditions for a year now, which have given the possibility to extreme elements to act again, upsetting the Old Continent.

Orban is quoted as saying that European leaders are close to deciding whether the European Union can send peacekeeping troops to Ukraine.

"The war is becoming more and more brutal and bloody. Our security is at risk. Since "the West provides the Ukrainians with more and more modern equipment, I am convinced that the threat of world war is not a literary exaggeration," he said.

Russia, through its vice president N. Medvedev, has declared that its goal is to reach Kiev and overthrow the government of V. Zelensky, as well as to "demilitarize" this country by disbanding any armed force that would stand in its way in her own plans.

Also, Moscow has lost several thousand soldiers and materiel in the war and we don't think it will withdraw from, for example, Dobas, leaving so many factories and other goodies in the hands of Ukrainians and Westerners, along with the thousands of Russian citizens living there.

For all this, it is estimated that Putin will take the war on Ukrainian soil to the end, unless there are surprises and an agreement with the USA, with very strong exchanges.

Greece, despite the great words of its neighbors the Turks (who of course no one believes), needs the continuous reconstruction of the Armed Forces, and their continuous modernization.

It should not get involved in any plans to send peacekeepers to Ukraine, wherever they come from, especially as long as the Russians are inside Ukrainian territory, which they have no intention of leaving for their own interests.

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